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Umbrella for a Rainy Day

A while ago, my friend Andrew and I were talking about how you fend off against unfair feedback that really gets under your skin or words that makes you feel like maybe you don’t know what the hell you are doing or why any of it matters. I mentioned to him that I have a rainy day folder. Andrew thought it was a good idea worth sharing, so I’m finally making the time to do that.

I've had this folder for years, though I don’t remember who exactly gave me the idea to start one. Generally, the idea is that sometimes we let the negative words stick a lot harder than the positive ones and that attitude can be unhealthy. It's good to remind yourself of the positive triumphs that you might not remember as strongly as a negative experience.

Inside, there are thank you notes from students for helping to send them to conferences, giving pep talks, or doing mock interviews. I have messages from people that I’ve worked with that I helped solve a conflict, get a job, or a find a new way to ap…

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